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Rick’s Main Roofing Company is one of Fairfield Counties’ most respected full service roofing businesses. We are proud of our status in the local roofing industry as well as our Master Elite residential and our Master Commercial certification with GAF Materials Corporation, America ‘s largest roofing manufacturer.

Through these programs and our own on the job training our mechanics and service men carry generations of experience and consistent and up to date training to deal with the details and issues that can arise with any roof installation or repair. Many of our roof jobs are manufacturer inspected where we score high scores.


For many of us our home is the biggest investment we will make. It keeps our families and property secure from the outside elements and reflects our own personalities and tastes. At Rick’s Main Roofing we acknowledge that fact and work hard to help you realize your vision of how your home should look.


We know it’s more than nailing shingles on a roof. Many details tend to be overlooked or passed over by most other companies. We know those details are what’s most important. We expect the same for our commercial buildings as well as lower required maintenance to save cost in building upkeep.

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